Mike Szpot (aka illKoncept) began showing his creative side as early as 12-years-old, as he was immersed in the skateboarding culture and the cinematography that coincided. He used to make skateboard videos with his friends and sell them inhigh school. Upon graduating, Mike went on to earn a Bachelor of Business Administration, majoring in IT Management. Skateboarding had faded away somewhere down the line.

After college, Mike was having a hard time finding himself. Unable to secure an IT job after graduating, he returned to his roots of skateboarding. However, instead of selling tapes & DVDs, Mike uploaded his skate videos to YouTube and Instagram. One day, while browsing Instagram, he came across a local photographer who shed a new light on Milwaukee through his photography. Mike was instantly inspired to start using his camera to explore the city and capture his surroundings. From that moment on, the passion that ensued has dominated his life. It created a whole new perspective that has opened doors of opportunity that he never had imagined before. 

Upon discovering his passion for photography in late 2014, Mike has been able to create a whole new network of friends, travel the country, and work with many reputable brands & publications. Mike can provide a unique perspective to anything that is in front of his camera. He loves everything about the art, he is constantly trying to progress and improve his craft, and feels he is just getting started. If you would like to learn more about Mike, please read any of these interviews below!

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  • Services: Photography, Content Creation, Influencer & Social Media Promotion
  • Location: Milwaukee, WI. Easy access to Chicago and willing to travel.
  • Experience: Two years of dedication, perseverance, and practice with my camera.
  • Types of photography: Adventure, Aerial, Portrait, Product, Concert, Event, Architecture
  • Social Media Reach: Instagram - 101k, Tumblr - 6k
  • Honorable mentions: Hypebeast, Highsnobiety 5 Accounts to Follow
  • Aerial Content Creation: NYonAir, ChiHeli
  • Publications: "The Sun" Magazine (Issue 487), Street Dreams Magazine 006, Art of Visuals (Issue 2), Halfstack Magazine Fall 2015 pg. 68 *

Clients/Collaborations: Verizon Wireless, Sweetgreen, Jack Daniels, Hillsbros Coffee, Skullcandy, Visit Milwaukee, Vitaly Design, Kit & Ace, Parkland Mfg, and more.

photo by @optic.legacy

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